Finally, I've met Dr. Beni πŸ’•

I wrote this post for myself.  This is an extreme fangirl post . Disclaimer : Don't read because you gonna hate me later.  So click here if you don't feel like reading the bertepuk-sebelah-tangan post . If you don't know him *siapa je taktahu Dr Beni Isman Rusani ni,  duduk Mars ke Jupiter* *okay my dad don't know him* ( Dr Beni,  he's a cardiologist in IJN and yes he's one of the author of #Diagnosis.

So,  back to my main story here . I’ve  met him in person earlier this year during Diagnosis Apokalips launching and we don't really talk because who am I man to talk to him.  So,  it ended with formal meet,  greet,  autograph and a picture. That's all.

Oh yeah that's me.  Bad lighting.  Bad tudung.  

So,  I've joined a conference here in HUKM as the academic officer.  So,  one of our programme is Meet The Expert session so,  I've no one else in my mind other than this Malaysian idol or atleast for me,  Dr Beni.  So , I've to contact him to invite him for the session.  To cut long story short , he accepted our invitation to be the speaker.  And OMG we've been contacting thru email all these while till he send me one email written :

"My  no 012*******

Can Whatapps me "

Weyyyhhhh!  Dream comes true!  That adrenaline rush at that time.  My heartbeat increase crazily.  Palpitations πŸ˜‚ Since that,  I've been contacting him tru whatsapps. So,  on that Sunday morning,  I was so nervous I've even prepared script on what to talk and stuff.  He was supposed to be in HUKM at 9 but he arrived earlier at 8 asking for breakfast when we didn’t  prepare even a karipap. How would I say no?  LOL.  Thankyou Leong for buying him the coffee from cafe and prepare the emergency breakfast *life saviour*

7 minutes away and got breakfast is not a joke man

When he arrived , he called me.  Here comes the adrenaline rush again.  It goes like this.

" Hello Izzah "
" Ye *lup dub lup dub* "
" Saya dah sampai dekat lobi ni tak tau kat mana nak parking "
" Ohh.  Okay kejap saya turun"

Went down to level 1 and saw his metallic / white Mazda *i still memorize his plat number tho* Again adrenaline rush like cacat.  Go near his car and saw him came out with his blue scrub on and sport shoes.  Oh my god he is freaking hot mannn πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ He's the one who started the conversation because Ina and I *yes, I drag her everywhere* was trying our best to act cool. I can hear other delegates goes crazy when he came out .

" Izzah "
" Ye saya "
" Saya nak tukar baju ni "
I've never thought of him nak tukar baju so tak prepare script for that part and I'm like..
" Nak tukar baju kat sini ke?  Eh mestilah kat toilet kan "
OMG is that even a question Izzah.  Dekat lobby kot.  Silly Izzah πŸ˜‚
" Eh kat sini pun boleh kau pusing belakang"
LOL. Then,  I brought him to the washroom.

That's me waiting nervously outside the anatomy toilet
Ina went up to check if the breakfast was ready or not.  So, now it's just me and my all time fav crush waiting for the lift to go up while having some small talk about the conference and then straightaway went to DK for a while.  Ken asked me to let him sign the borang akuan *i wrote every single details if you feel bored go and click the link up there*

He wrote his name and IC. It's '76 , he's in his 40 but still look so good.

" Oh '76 *whisper* "
" Ye '76 πŸ˜‚"
" Eh taklah tua. muda lagi tu 40 "
" Eh tak ingatlah IC nunber.  Dah lama tak tulis nombor IC " *takes out his wallet check his ID and yes he wrote 'em wrongly*

Okay,  next pitstop was breakfast.  When he was just about to start eating,  Prof Zainul came.  And I offered him to eat as well but he goes :

" Eh takpe saya dah makan.  Ada servant kat rumah masakkan "
" You ni single kan?  *refers to Dr Beni* "
" Jadi you makanlah"
* Hello Prof Zainul how can you ask him like that who am I then. LOL*

Minum kopi pun handsome apeniii
Prof Zainul went to away after that.

" Okay,  I'm all good now "
" Serious?  Makan sikit je.  karang pengsan time bagi talk karang " *concerned*
" Okay.  I kat IJN pun makan karipap satu lepas tu kena round dari blok A*
Okay then. Ke tak makan sebab mee goreng tak healthy eh.  Hahaha . Karipap healthy ke eh?

Then , straightaway we went to DK with Prof Zainul for the MES sessions.

It's Prof Zainul session first

He asked for WIFI to transfer a photo.  And I thought he was asking for PPUKM wifi.

"Sini ada WIFI tak"
" Wifi UKM ? Ada.  Nak guna ke?  Tapi kena login "
"Haah "
" Baklah " I took his Mac and was clueless.  Tak pernah guna Mac.
But then,  taraaaa he sat next to me and we manage to connect the wifi happily ever after.

Papparazzi πŸ˜‚ Look who sat next to me from his Vip seat
Settle on wifi.  He asked me to snap his photos during his talk.  Untuk kenangan and he winked.  OMG he wink 😍 I swear I took hundreds of photos .

As his session started, he was supposed to talk on Number 1 Killer in Malaysia.  And he changed to " The path we choose "

" Izzah gave me the topic No. 1 Killer in Malaysia but I want to talk about this instead because you've learned about CAD in your lecture " OMG he mentioned me twice okay TWICE.  TWICEEEE And my friend Maryam was like " Apahal dia asyik sebut Izzah ja"

Then,  after the session , secara paksa rela I've to become the photographer for the delegates since I'm the one standing near the stage * bodyguard* After photo sessions, he was lucky enough we've prepared the lunch earlier. Phewww.  Kalau tak,  baliklah makan sendiri.
Enjoying his nasi ayam.  Kening angkat is a must .
During lunch time,  we get to talk a lot.  Like a lot.  It takes time to finish the nasi ayam *Ijjah hidang banyak okay that's the trick*
During lunch,  he talked about his life stories,  journey on becoming a cardiologist. Lol twas one hillarious moment.

A girl pass by.
Dr. B: "She looks familiar"
Me: "Oh muka dia macam Hanis Zalikha kan"
Dr B: "No.  I rasa macam muka ex student I"
Ina: "Dialah yang angkat tangan cakap dari MANOSH tadi"
Me: "Oh Manosh kee"
Dr B: "Manosh tu university mana? "
Me and Ina" eh MONASH and we laugh like cacat + malu gilaa woi.  Manosh tu nama junior first year πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

After lunch,  we went down *me,  Ina and Dr. Beni* to send him off.  Masa tu barulah keluar hormon mengada nak bergambar like 5 juta shots

The second picture tu memang Ina saja sabotaj.  He wanted to take pics with UKM logo.  And turn out gelap ya Rabbi.  He was like takpe boleh edit.  Ni nak edit bagi lighting kilat ke macam mana .

Me trying to change pose from peace to macam style macho letak bawah dagu.
" Eh kau nak buat gaya apa ni ? "
" Tengah fikir lah nii πŸ˜‚ "

Hi Dr. Beni,  if and only if you happen to read this.  You're my real life idol.  I hope that I can be just like you in the future.  You're such an inspiration to all of us.  I hope that you'll find your better half in the future.  It's okay.  Surely,  a good man will find a good woman.

I think that was all I could write for now . Banyak lagi but then takpe lah.  Last but not least,  can we like meet again in the future πŸ’• If you feel like reading his writing click here . That's all for now XOXO πŸ’‹

P/S : I wonder if he is a Javanese ke Caucasian ke apa* exaggerating* sebab nama unik

UPDATES : I've met him again twice. First in HUKM again for The Congress, yes I invited him again. Lelws. Second was in PBAKL, for his #NovelBreathe meet and greet


  1. ohmygod! you met him. i'vee been smiling all time when i read yr post

  2. Your post is hilarious! :P I giggled so hard as I tried to hold my laugh coz my sister is snoring next to me. U made my day, sister.

    Lots of love.

  3. he young one year from my mom. i've imagine your heart thumoing so much at tht time.

  4. Eh jap memang umur dia ic 76 ke?

  5. Saya pun senyum jer baca .. dri mula smpi abis hihi


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